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College HW

June 14, 2024

College HW

Realistically, I do not recommend this game, this is ironic.


June 14, 2024


  1. What is Toilet Tower Defense? What is Toilet Tower Defense?

    Toilet Tower Defense is a Tower Defence game, as the name implies, based on Skibidi Toilet, an animated series on Youtube. We also include a gacha system in unit summoning and give players the freedom to purchase £1 every 2 summons! We are Telanthric Development, an indie dev team on roblox, we previously made “BedBreak” a minecraft bedwars inspired game on roblox’s platform. We are looking to bringing more freedom to players who make purchases on the game, recently we brought in 2x coins for Premium players. Over the timespan of nearly a year, since 17/06/2023, we’ve achieved over 4B players and recognition from the Roblox Headquarters for their ‘The Hunt’ and ‘The Classic’. We are truly inspired to become more inspirational down the timeline. Our Group: Telanthric Development
  2. Game Pillars: Game Pillars: Tower Defence maps: The player should

    understand beforehand the mechanics in placing your towers/units to protect the end-goal of the enemies. You, as the player, must protect their end-goal by defeating the spawning enemies, this very much functions like a wave defence game. Unit Summoning: We have a gacha system for players to summon on to win units, however each player will begin the the game with a default unit Trading Feature: Players receive the ability to trade with other corresponding players
  3. Who am I? Who am I? I am Telanthric, a

    19 year old american Youtuber who was inspired to create a big game on roblox therefore hit jackpot with ‘Toilet Tower Defense’. IAmEvan and I develop the game alone and after 4 months we patnered with the original team behind Skibidi Toilet in giving them 20-40% of what we make. I previously worked on other games that weren’t viral hits besides my Tower Defense with 4B+ player visits. I often post 7-9 times monthly updates on my game corresponding with new episodes on Skibidi Toilet.