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Grubhub Guarantee 60s Compilation Boards

Grubhub Guarantee 60s Compilation Boards


Sarah Park

July 25, 2021


  1. Grubhub Guarantee Storyboards for Hero Compilation Video (:60) For Rally

    On Media
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  5. Alex Morgan: In soccer, timing is everything.

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  10. Caeleb Dressel: In swimming, consistency is everything.

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  12. Scout Bassett: In sprinting, precision is everything.

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  15. Allyson Felix: In relay racing, reliability is everything.

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  18. Alex Morgan: When you’re competing at this level, nothing is

  19. Caeleb Dressel: But now, your Grubhub is.

  20. Allyson Felix: With the new Grubhub Guarantee, Grubhub guarantees you

    get your food delivered on time, everytime, or they’ll send you $5.
  21. Scout Bassett: And if your order isn’t the lowest price

    available across delivery platforms, Grubhub will pay you the difference plus an extra $5.
  22. Alex Morgan: That’s a gold-medal worthy guarantee.

  23. Caeleb Dressel: And that’s huge – because after swim practice,

    I’m HUNGRY.
  24. Allyson Felix: With the Grubhub Guarantee, my food is always

    on time and at the lowest price available, with the most rewards – it’s that simple.
  25. Alex Morgan: Gotta admit, that’s tough to beat.

  26. Caeleb Dressel: We don’t take chances at my level.

  27. Alex Morgan: So when timing means everything…

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  31. Caeleb Dressel: When consistency means everything…

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  33. Scout Bassett: When precision means everything...

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  35. Allyson Felix: When reliability means everything…

  36. None
  37. Alex Morgan: … Go with the Guarantee.

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