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Yuwei Lin

September 17, 2014

Yuwei Lin

Presentation for the EASST 2014 conference. The sound file of the presentation is at http://clyp.it/pqvfnsxm


September 17, 2014


  1. Crowd-sourced weather data in a big data society Yuwei Lin

    (University for the Creative Arts) Jo Bates Paula Goodale (University of Sheffield)
  2. The Secret Life of a Weather Datum • Contemporary 'big

    data' phenomenon are difficult to study because of the vastness of data that are generated, processed and used by different means and from different sources. • The 'social life of a weather datum' framework follows the trajectory of the weather datum and allows the researchers to map the colliding social worlds involved in the production, consumption, distribution of big data. • Data created by 'citizen scientists' contribute to contemporary 'big data' infrastructures. They blur the boundaries between individuals, groups, communities, organisations. To some extent, they also challenge traditional practice and values of scientific knowledge. But, how are these crowd-sourced data and information being integrated into 'big data' infrastructures?
  3. Methods • Case studies: Raspberry Pi Weather Stations Makers Community,

    and the Zooniverse's Old Weather Data project • Ethnomethodology - examines how 'citizen science' projects in relation to weather data are done. We are interested in how crowd-sourced weather data and information are created, shared, tried, governed, averaged, leveraged, integrated and re-used in a big weather data infrastructure. • Drawn on narratives on the internet (found on relevant mailing lists or online forums), published articles in printed media or on the Internet, and interviews with key stakeholders, the ethnographic fieldwork will help unpack how weather is co-predicted in a big data era.
  4. More about our work This work is part of the

    UK AHRC-funded 'The Secret Life of a Weather Datum' project. For more information please see http://secretlifeofdata.wordpress.com/