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Holmgaard Craven


Last J's I got on sale was around 2011 and it was the cardinal 7's. Got them for $100 at a local shoe store: https://nikeshoeshot4sale.com/84-Off-White-Nike-Air-MaxAA1103-600-FSR-Nike-Air-Max-95-Vintage-Air-Jogging-Shoes-Ash-Powder-Off-white.html. Wore them once and had a guy walk up to me and ask me if he could buy them off my feet: Nike Sock Dart Comfort. Thought he was joking until he offered me $300 for them. Needless to say I had to go back home and grab another pair of shoes. Oh saili god dubs brand le tA shoes 👟 ko value nai ghatai diyo. Am really shocked looking at those copied shoes in Nepal🤦🏼. Used to be a fan of Adidas during my school and college life. BafeHD are You dumb? It's illegal to sell fake shoes in the USA that's why they get shipped from other countries and NO it's not illegal to buy reps. You know how many illegal shit You do everyday that You don't even know? 😂 and if you buy reps it's not You showing off sum you don't actually have cause idc how much money I have i'll never spend $1k+ on shoes that retailed for 200 and that only resellers have cause they got bots and shi when they drop I'd rather give that money away to someone who struggling or homeless and thirdly idgaf about your “fun from buying the real ones” that sounds like a YOU problem.


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