django in the real world

D380e571e1a0012794af170fe48a5e65?s=47 Israel Fermín Montilla
November 16, 2018

django in the real world

Django is an extremely popular web framework written in Python, it's been used to build all kinds of web applications, from blogs and news sites all the way to web APIs to be consumed by mobile apps. There's a huge variety of django based webapps out there at all scales, from small personal sites to huge complex systems like Disqus or Instagram.

It's true that by moving towards a microservices oriented architecture, some of the scalability issues go away, but it comes at an expensive cost by adding the complexities of having a distributed system.

In this talk, I go through a series of recommendations to tweak and optimize your django projects when you need to scale, some practices that you should try before breaking everything into microservices, from the database, going through caching and finally few techniques to optimize the template layer.


Israel Fermín Montilla

November 16, 2018