Perhaps nothing causes a user to lose interest in a social media account faster than sporadic or low-volume posts. Instagram is no exception. You don't have to share something every day. However, consistency with your post frequency has been shown to hinder your followers and, in turn, lead to more Insta likes in the long run. Schedule publications in advance to keep your account active if you're on vacation and don't want to log in for a while.

Use hashtags correctly
Hashtags are one of the most powerful tools to increase IG likes organically. However, they are also the most abused, which means that posts don't always get the views they deserve.

Just as you'll want to engage with your audience to ensure more Instagram likes, it's also important to follow others and like their content. While you shouldn't expect the same treatment from others, reciprocating Insta likes is often a common way to boost your numbers.

Be interactive
It's not enough to post photos, videos, and stories and wait for the IG likes to accumulate. Respond to your followers when they are active on your Instagram page. Message them in advance when the situation calls for it. Let your personal or business personality shine through by regularly engaging in conversations.


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