Welcome to the people network! These sites got started way back in 1997 to make math pleasurable for people who thought it couldn't be enjoyable. I'm Just Say are delighted to report that we have convinced millions of individuals over the years who cool + math is an equation that is reasonable. Following is a quick rundown of what sites offer.

Our first website! We offers"math for ages 13-100" -- grounds that are easy to grasp on subjects such as algebra, pre-calculus plus much more. (I started my own career as a math instructor, so it's a excellent joy for me to help people eventually know -- and even enjoy! -- performing mathematics.) For our 12 and below users, we is an amusement park of math, games, and much more, designed to teach mathematics and make it FUN.

That is our brain-training site, for everyone, at which logic & thinking meet fun & games. These matches have no violence, no empty activity, only a great deal of challenges which will make you forget you are getting a mental exercise!

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