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October 16, 2012


Stay in touch with your family, naturally


margarita lyukmanova

October 16, 2012


  1. imFINE Stay  in  touch  with  your  family,  naturally    

    #calmingtech  class  in    Trento,     October  2012  
  2. 77% of families communicate via SMS and instant messaging!

  3. 90%  of  moms   worry  if  replies   come  late

  4. 65% of children reply late 
 (life just takes over)...

  5. The opportunity (users and need) •  Users: Parents-children communication do

    occur via Instant (or not so “instant”) messaging •  Need: Responses that arrive late (with respect to expectations) are a source of worries. The problem is common and widespread Is there a calming technology we can invent? or adopt?
  6. The insight: Make sharing effortless, not just easier. Achieve this

    by designing manual interactions that naturally blend into the flow of life.
  7. Choose what do you want to share: •  Text • 

    Location •  Photo •  Calendar event  
  8. The buts... •  But, how are you going to make

    money? •  But, will this replace a more meaningful interaction? •  But i want effort! However: •  Maybe with a patent. Maybe with a tool. Maybe I won’t. The goal was to identify a calming technology •  Unlikely, as interaction is often addictive, but this is to be studied •  Hopefully parents won’t get offended as much as our partners would do
  9. What  people  say     (examples  of  unsolicited  comments  on

     surveys   and  my  social  net  page:)   When will this app be on the market? I need this!! Will use it for sure You just described how my mom is like Really really cool
  10.     hFps://     hFp://    

    Find  it  at:    
  11. Effortless   communicaLon   Just  in  one  click:    

    “I’m  fine,  mom!”       Stay  in  touch:   hFp:// textmymom