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Text Me

Text Me

stay in touch with your family just in one click


margarita lyukmanova

October 09, 2012


  1. Mark  just  landed  in  New  York   and  he  is

     very  busy.  No  8me   for  messaging.   His  mom  is  worrying  and   writes  him  a  message.  Mark   answered  with  Text  Me  only   in  one  click:  he  is  ok,  in    NY.   Mom  is  not  stressed   anymore:  her  son  is  fine.   Mark  is  also  happy  for  not   making  worry  his  mom.   Text  Me:  stay  in  touch  with  your  family  just  in  one  click.   by  Margarita  Lyukmanova    
  2. Simple User Interface! Locked screen! Messages! Configuration ! “When  this

     app  will  be  on  the  market?”   “It  is  simple,  but  genius”   “I  definitely  need  this  app.  This  is  my    real  problem!  I’m  gonna  use  it”     “I’m  proud  of  my  friend  who  doing  this.     It  is  really  very  useful.”  
  3. During last 3-4 times you! answered your parents...! !  

              Immediately! 17! 33%! Later that day! 17! 33%! Next day or later! 9! 18%! Still need to answer! 3! 6%! No messaging! 12! 24%! Sometimes [33]! Nearly every time when I don’t reply soon [11]! Never [7]! 63%! 13%! 21%! Didn’t want to [3] ! Other, scheduled communication [4] ! Later, than forgot or had things to do [24] ! Did not see the message [13] ! No technical possibility to answer [8] ! 46%! 25%! 16%! 7 out of 8 mothers ! and 3 out of 10 fathers asked ! are stressed a lot when their ! children don’t answer ! when they write! When you do not! answer right away, ! what is the reason?! “Children” answer on:! do your parents sometimes get worried because you don't answer immediately?! While “parents” says:! 50 people online and 18 people offline asked!