Text Me

Text Me

let dears know about you just in one click


margarita lyukmanova

October 04, 2012


  1. Text Me
 let dears know about you just in one

    click Margarita Lyukmanova !
  2. Point of view! POV = Responsible but lazy children of

    all ages ! + need to take care of people who loves them ! + but do not have time/occasion/mood to write those people.! Stressor: ! the sense of guilt when you are not writing in time to people who care about you, ! and feeling stress when you are not hearing from your dears, from another point of view. !
  3. Your dears are worry about you. ! But sometimes it

    is difficult to write even a 30-second sms.!
  4. A simple built-in app ! for any kind of platform.

    ! Paul: ! I just arrived. All ok.! Just open Text Me and it ! will send pre-configured ! message by itself. !
  5. Features! •  One-click feedback, without any effort. Just open an

    app and it will send message for you.! •  Easiest way to let people know about you.! •  Geotags of current position of the sender.!
  6. •  No effort, no time needed.! •  Makes satisfied both:

    sender and recipient of the message. ! 7 out of 8 mothers and 3 out of 10 fathers asked ! are stressed a lot when their children don’t write when they expect (or on time).!
  7. Shortcomings of Design! 1.  People who are actually stressed more

    (“parents”) are not direct users of the app.! 2.  It is not clear whether smaller effort for messaging causes bigger expectations from “parents” side. !
  8. Next Steps ! Write to my mom how the presentation

    went! ! Get more feedback from the target group! ! Build a prototype! ! Get feedback from users!