Telling the future with mathematics: Probability and crime prediction

Telling the future with mathematics: Probability and crime prediction

Summer School of Science, Požega, Croatia, 2019-08-04.

Telling the future with mathematics: probability and crime prediction

If you've ever watched late-night TV, you've probably seen fortune tellers claiming they can tell the future if you call them – usually using some magic instruments. While the aforementioned is far-fetched, mathematicians can actually use probability calculations to predict the certainty of an outcome. Furthermore, we can use our knowledge of probability to help us understand when and where crime will (potentially) happen so police departments can work pre-emptively. Using mathematical models combined with knowledge from social media platforms such as Twitter, mathematics can help police departments battle crime before it even happens. In this swapshop, we'll discuss how this application of mathematics works and we'll try to build some simplified models for prediction.


Mario Borna Mjertan

August 04, 2019