Jan Oris is an freelance PHP developer and entrepreneur. He started out as Java and PHP developer for enterprise software applications and worked for major clients such as Telenet, Trane and the Flemish government. Within this context, he was also assigned the role of agile coach, responsible for guiding a team of over 10 developers in 2 different countries through an agile transformation over a period of 12 months. His responsibilities included coaching, continuous improvement, (code) quality assurance and the transition towards agile software development.

Now, he owns a small development company Ixudra where he develops custom Laravel websites and web applications for small and medium businesses as a freelance web developer. Aside from his professional activities, he also actively participates in the Laravel/PHP community by developing and maintaining several open source PHP packages with over 20.000 downloads, as well as several proprietary packages for his customers.


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