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Getting into Frontend Dev Today

Jake Trent
November 11, 2017

Getting into Frontend Dev Today

You've been outside the frontend scene for years and are wondering what that world looks like. Here's one man's take on things worth noticing and potentially learning as you start getting back into it. Find something in the survey that interests you and commit to making something out of it.

Jake Trent

November 11, 2017

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  2. WHY TODAY Exciting Satisfying Develop self Market need

  3. PREREQs TODAY Interest Commitment Don’t need to be an artist

  4. Purpose TODAY Feed interest Today’s environment Radar First steps

  5. SPECTRUM TODAY Dabble - a few toys Aware - in

    a pinch Focus - invest career
  6. Disclaimers TODAY Hot takes Exposed to Many paths

  7. FRONTEND JOBS TODAY Marketing Biz app dev Web game dev



  10. Renderable TODAY All browser-native Flash is dead Hierarchy Semantics

  11. Templates TODAY Web Components JSX Library-specific

  12. Accessibility TODAY Sight-impaired Motion-impaired Touch-enabled


  14. CSS TODAY CSS3 Cross-browser ++ Browser prefixes -- Better layouts

  15. Layout TODAY Flexbox CSS Grid Sameness

  16. BROWSERS TODAY Evergreen Speed, capability++ Mobile

  17. Viewports TODAY From anywhere Responsive web design

  18. TODAY JS

  19. Movement TODAY Language change Progressive community Browsers keeping pace

  20. JS Evolution TODAY Ecma TC39 committee Active! Stages

  21. JS Tooling TODAY Node-based Bundlers Compilers Task runners --

  22. Analysis Tooling TODAY eslint prettier

  23. Modules TODAY ES6 CommonJS Abstractions Design

  24. Compilation TODAY Traceur - 1st Babel - today Addicted

  25. Helping Browsers TODAY Polyfills - core-js Transpile - babel

  26. New Languages TODAY Typescript Elm ReasonML …

  27. TYPES IN JS TODAY Static typing Flowtype Typescript Tooling

  28. CSS-IN-JS TODAY Glamor Styled-components Aphrodite Componentization

  29. FRAMEWORKS TODAY React Angular Vue …

  30. Testing TODAY Jest Unit Functional/browser Snapshot

  31. TODAY Environment

  32. Editors TODAY Editor - VSCode IDE - Webstorm RSI/PTSD -

    Vim Textpad/nano
  33. Source Control TODAY Git Dropbox -- FTP --

  34. Your Team TODAY Integrated Not alone, slicing -- Some specialized

  35. Project Size TODAY Larger codebase More in client More programmers

    Architecture and patterns
  36. SPA DAY Single-page apps Long-term state Routing Render Logic

  37. Server Rendering TODAY “Isomorphic”/“Universal” Performance SEO

  38. APIS TODAY REST - JSONAPI.org GraphQL - relay/apollo Websockets -

  39. TODAY Deployment

  40. Publishing TODAY npm Versioning - Semver.org Dependency management

  41. CDNs TODAY Global audience Fingerprinting Caching

  42. PaaS TODAY Heroku, Zeit - JS app Surge, Netlify, Github

    - UI-only AWS, Azure, Google - Infinity
  43. TODAY Work

  44. READ TODAY Docs Integrations Utilize ecosystem, services

  45. Algorithms TODAY More data More code More logic Not just

  46. Think TODAY Lots of libs Still need to be a

  47. GraphiCS TODAY SVG - d3 Canvas WebGL - three.js

  48. Animation TODAY CSS - transitions, keyframes 3rd-party - Greensock Web

    animation API
  49. Offline TODAY Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Service workers localStorage IndexedDB

  50. TODAY The Future

  51. Listen for TODAY Browser-native modules WebAssembly Web components

  52. Excitement for Tomorrow Lots to grow into Learned one thing

    at a time Stay determined Start with something
  53. NEXT STEPS Today Invent a project Volunteer for frontend work

  54. TODAY Thank you For coming here @JakeTrent