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Voice of the Leaders

Voice of the Leaders

Sometimes we tend to keep our leaders at arm's length. We have gained a certain cynicism from our experience with stereotypically bad managers. What if we were to ask our leaders directly how they view their jobs. What are they thinking? What are their intentions? Perhaps by knowing more, we can gain better appreciation for what they do and participate in their work in better ways.

Jake Trent

March 15, 2017

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  4. "What was she thinking when she wrote this terrible code?"

  5. "This feature is taking way too long to write."

  6. "These priorities are totally arbitrary."

  7. "How hard is it to write code that doesn't throw

    an exception?"
  8. "Hurry up and get to our ELK Kubernetes shipper tentacle!

    What's taking so long?"
  9. "Doesn't he have some beans to count so we can

    get back to the real work?"
  10. “She doesn’t seem committed to giving her full effort.”

  11. 2

  12. "There must have been a good reason for this code."

  13. "This feature is complicated. It has been challenging to get

  14. "Thanks for sharing with me the discovery experience. Let's work

    on these priorities."
  15. "I know there's a lot on the implementation checklist. May

    I help you review it?"
  16. "I know you're dealing with a lot of moving targets

    right now. I'll try to be patient."
  17. "What is my leader's good intent in asking me this

  18. "She's usually on her game. I wonder how I can

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  22. "Mans desires are limited by his perceptions; none can desire

    what he has not perceived." William Blake
  23. mind? intention? desire? do?

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  25. give time generous listen first “Your leader owes you a

  26. feel safe got their back "I want to feel like

    we could come and sit by each other at each others’ desk any time"
  27. care a lot open vulnerable "that emotion and intent behind

    it is really powerful"
  28. care personally for us

  29. look further purpose possibility

  30. share consumable "easy to think everyone knows"

  31. create a vision

  32. support “hard to go out on a limb… on your

  33. represent avoid overload side-by-side "It always feels like it takes

    so long if you're not the one doing the work."
  34. are advocates for us

  35. share trends collaborate talents

  36. bring us together

  37. space explore encourage "push them out the door; get out

    of the house; check out the back yard"
  38. stabilize dreams responsibility

  39. encourage our autonomy

  40. own challenges recognize leaders "remember to take time [for yourself]"

  41. coach us to grow

  42. inspire boundaries challenge “be in line with the org, but

    [have a] local culture”
  43. inspire innovation

  44. meta preserve evolve with purpose "the work will get done;

    I care most about the culture"
  45. care about the culture

  46. None
  47. None
  48. me?

  49. None
  50. "Dwell in possibility" Emily Dickinson

  51. thank you