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Anatomy of a Blot Post

Anatomy of a Blot Post

These are the bits that going into making up one of my blog posts. I make decisions on each of these points and create something that is hopefully useful and satisfying to me and an artifact to share that others might draw inspiration or help from as well.

Jake Trent

April 25, 2017

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  1. --- author: “Jake Trent” --- #Anatomy of a Blog

  2. --- title: “<string>” category: “<code|leadership|book>” keywords: “<string, string>” tags: “<string,

    string>” description: “<string>” banner: “<url>” — ## introduction ## headers ## voice `code` ## Length ## Conclusion
  3. ## Types of Posts Technical Thought

  4. ## Choosing a Title My search term Whimsy, abstract

  5. Recent titles: “Format JavaScript with Prettier” “Working in an Open

  6. ## Meta Data Category “Code” “Leadership” “Book”

  7. ## Meta Data Tags Reusable Site themes

  8. “a” - “b” Tags a4j 1 accessibility 1 aes 1

    agile 2 ajax 6 angularjs 14 aop 1 apache 1 api 1 art 2 auth 1 autonomy 2 backbone 6 bash 4 bcrypt 2 bind 1 blog 6 bower 2 branding 1 broccoli 2 browser 4 burn-out 1
  9. ## Meta Data Description Google result One sentence

  10. Recent Descriptions: “Format your code automatically on commit with pretter.js.”

    “In the trendy open spaces of today’s tech environments, we need to find space for focused attention.”
  11. ## Introduction The “why” Value proposition Keep reading

  12. Recent Intro: “My favorite thing about React is how it

    simplifies the mental model of the developer when coding a UI. The key is the repaint.”
  13. ## Headings Thought groups SEO, search terms

  14. Recent Headers: “Yaks to Shave” “Add Middleware to Store” “Top-down

    Rendering” “Ask Nicely”
  15. ## Voice Positive, fun “you” (technical) “we” (thought) Like I

  16. Recent silliness: “Install Prettier on your project today. Be within

    the first 5M npm downloads to receive free semicolon demolition.”
  17. ## Code Short Rm cruft, expose essence

  18. None
  19. ## Length 500 words Keep interest

  20. Recent counts: 463 words 616 words 467 words 483 words

  21. ## Conclusion Quick End with question Invite reflection, sharing

  22. Recent prompts: “How has React changed your mental model of

    UI dev?” “How are you productive in your open space?”
  23. ## Banner Interesting Fun to draw

  24. None
  25. Ship it!

  26. Thanks! jaketrent.com