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I Quit My Full Time Job

C47c7e0cbf087df22a480fe7cd8b8834?s=47 James Tang
March 16, 2014

I Quit My Full Time Job

The Monday morning that I woke up, it was actually more anxious than feeling free from jail...

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James Tang

March 16, 2014


  1. I quit my full time job Presenting by James Tang

    17 March 2014
  2. Hello! I’m James an I’m an iOS Engineer.

  3. Is not getting a full-time job sustainable? Yep I guess.

  4. Carshare iOS app http://carshare.hk

  5. Email Client Grouping mail by contact based to help organising

    your inbox automagically
  6. 6 months ago… The Monday that I woke up, without

    a full-time job
  7. Everything has opportunity cost. But there’s no guarantee for earning

    a single penny at anytime. It’s actually more anxious than feeling free from jail. It’s all on my own. Everyday I decides to “take a break”, I’m risking my future opportunities.
  8. Some got updated Some got removed Problem get worse when

    you notice the work you’ve done for previous companies started becoming irrelevant to you.
  9. For 5 weeks I’m not getting any income at all…

  10. I needed to have something that can represents WHO I

  11. Ripple The location based group chatting app IMAGE FROM MENG

    TO http://ripplechat.io
  12. PomodoroApp The simplest OSX app for your pomodoro timing sessions

  13. None
  14. Setting yourself apart, aimed to be international standard.

  15. https://medium.com/ios-apprentice Blog Sharing your skills to the world and get

  16. Opensource Create interesting and useful components for the community, and

    contribute to others
  17. Tweet Get global recognition by tweeting and participating in conversations

  18. Pay for Tools Spend a few pennies and save hours

    or days of extra work
  19. Attend hackathons and events

  20. Read Keep learning new things and revising the skill set

    you think you already know
  21. Habits • Read for 25 mins • Write for 25

    mins • Eat 1 fruit • Fold blankets Routine is the key of achieving your goals
  22. Looking forward… The one who code deserves better treated !

    Create products as international quality ! Raise the bar and rates of HK’s developer community
  23. None
  24. Thanks! Twitter: @jamztang