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Jane P. Lapointe


Hello! My name is Jane Lapointe, I am 35 years old, I work as a vet in a private clinicI run my site, write articles on your website about animals In my clinic, it has happened that even those owners who love their pets that most frequently make errors in feeding them and the most common of them is to provide what the critters themselves believe yummy - sweets, sausages, etc.. And this cannot be accomplished. Hence, I blog and write posts where I share tips and knowledge on care and feeding, as well as many other significant things related to animals.
I have dreamed of treating animals since childhood. "When I was little, I was sent on vacation to my grandmother's farm, in which there were geese, ducks, cows, goats, horses, and many dogs and cats, and as soon as the animals were ill, I tried to assist them, so from the first tier I knew I would be a vet. I really like my career as when pets come they are unhappy , they look in their eyes, but they cannot express anything, and as soon as it turns out to help them, you see the result: animals jump, wag their tails, even play. This is a really pleasant feeling. And so, I not only love the career, but love it! Veterinarians have divisions: there are doctors working only with reptiles, all these are herpetologists, you can find those who deal only with cattle, and I operate in a normal city clinic with pets.
Now it is hard to envision the job of a veterinarian without using the accomplishments of contemporary lab diagnostics. It enables the physician to obtain very valuable and necessary details regarding the functioning of the systems of the creature's body and its organs. Without this information, it's quite difficult, and at times almost impossible, to diagnose your own sick pet and prescribe adequate therapy. The man who chose this profession ought to be responsive and kind. He also needs to be patient and have great willpower. I think only such individuals will work here. I imagine that each one of the offices will be armed with all the essential equipment.

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