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If you are flying in to New Orleans, you must never miss the New Orleans plantation tours. This will usher you to the rich culture and history of the place and enjoy the tranquil nature that its plantations have to offer. Among the commonly visited plantations are as follows:

Laura Plantation

If you are in Louisiana, you would learn that this part of the place is one of the top travel destinations. Here, you will learn about the traditional Creole plantation. This is a working plantation for more than 180 years, a remnant of the 1805 creation. Its practical home has lived 4 Creole women generations. If you have read the American folklore "Takes if Br'er Rabbit", this story originally came from a folklore narrated by West African freedmen. They are present at this plantation as workers in 1870. The main attraction is the tour to the big farm house in a sugarcane plantation. Inside its property, you will find the slave quarters and the mesmerizing tropical gardens.

Cajun Country Experience

If you love going for a swamp boat adventure then this tour is best for you. Creole and Cajun cultures will be unveiled in this tour. The fun starts with a boat tour on the swamp of cypress. Witness how its locals live and enjoy the sightseeing adventure of its wild life. Be amazed at the majestic architecture of Laura and Oak Alley Plantation. Have the chance to tour the grand mansion and enjoy the traditional lunch in Oak Alley Plantation.

Oak Alley Plantation

Travel through time by visiting New Orleans' south antebellum. A half day tour of this plantation will be an experience you will never forget. Be amazed at the old architecture of a gorgeous home that was built in 1839. It comes with oak lined esplanades on top of its sugar cane fields. And don't worry; there will be expert guides who will relate the past history of the place.

Whitney Plantation

This is a 5.5-hour tour at the Museum of Slavery in Louisiana where you will also be led to Whitney Plantation as well as New Orleans' St. Joseph Plantation. Witness the restored authentic buildings depicting the memorial artwork at the Museum of Slavery. Have the chance to hear the slave narratives on how they used to live their lives in this place. St. Joseph plantation is the place where the move; "12 Years a Slave" was filmed and this has won an Oscar award as it impressed a lot of its viewers.

Destrehan Plantation

Along with this tour are the swamp tour and the 16 passenger airboat ride. Hence, you will not only be equipped with the knowledge of New Orleans' past history after the tour but you will also have an adrenalin surging experience that you will never forget.

New Orleans is indeed rich with sights that will leave you with awe and wonder. And a travel guide will be with you all throughout the tours to relate to you what happened in the past.

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