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CSE460 Lecture 06

CSE460 Lecture 06

Software Analysis and Design
Object Model

Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez

July 06, 2020

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  1. jgs CSE 460 Software Analysis and Design Lecture 06: Object

    Model Dr. Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez javiergs@asu.edu javiergs.engineering.asu.edu | javiergs.com PERALTA 230U Office Hours: By appointment
  2. jgs 460 00000110 Announcement § Assignment 02 is due today

    (Feb 1) 11:59 PM AZ time. Use case diagram Submit a PDF file (one page) with the UML use case diagram § Quiz 02. Next lecture: All about requirements
  3. jgs Previously

  4. jgs 460 00000110 Another Idea

  5. jgs Object-Oriented analysis

  6. jgs 460 00000110 Object Model § Object-oriented analysis is a

    method of analysis that examines requirements from the perspective of the classes and objects found in the vocabulary of the problem domain. § Object-oriented design is a method of design encompassing the process of object- oriented decomposition and a notation for depicting both logical and physical as well as static and dynamic models of the system under design. § Object-oriented programming is a method of implementation in which programs are organized as cooperative collections of objects, each of which represents an instance of some class, and whose classes are all members of a hierarchy of classes united via inheritance relationships.
  7. jgs (

  8. jgs 460 00000110 Object Oriented World | Relationships Association Directed

    Association Reflexive Association Multiplicity Aggregation Composition Generalization Realization
  9. jgs 460 00000110 Warning!

  10. jgs 460 00000110 Warning!

  11. jgs 460 00000110 Object Oriented World | Example

  12. jgs )

  13. jgs 460 00000110 Demo

  14. jgs To be continued…

  15. jgs CSE 460 Software Analysis and Design Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez javiergs@asu.edu

    Fall 2020 Disclaimer. These slides can only be used as study material for the class CSE460 at ASU. They cannot be distributed or used for another purpose.