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CSE563 Lecture 02

CSE563 Lecture 02

Software Requirements and Specification

Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez

August 17, 2021

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  1. jgs CSE 563 Software Requirements and Specification Lecture 02: Concepts

    Dr. Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez [email protected] javiergs.engineering.asu.edu | javiergs.com PERALTA 230U Office Hours: By appointment
  2. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 INVEST in good requirements §

    Independent – loosely coupled with one another § Negotiable – Stories are what and why , not how ( 99% ). § Valuable – for the customer! § Estimatable – Effort/Cost of design, build, and test. § Small (sized appropriately) § Testable – pass or fail
  3. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 Functional Requirement a) May state

    what (reactions, behaviours, or services) the system should not do. b) services the system should provide, c) how the system should react to particular inputs, and d) how the system should behave in particular situations.
  4. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 Examples § Search option given

    to user to search from various invoices. § User should be able to mail any report to management. § Users can be divided into groups and groups can be given separate rights. What about • A video game? • Canvas? • MyASU? • Facebook App?
  5. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 Non-functional Requirement Non-functional requirements a)

    Constraints on the services or functions offered by the system, such as Standards to apply, development platform, timing constraints, constraints on the development process, etc. b) Quality attributes, such as performance specifications, robustness, usability, etc.
  6. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 Examples (Quality) Property Measure Speed

    • Processed transactions/second • User/event response time • Screen refresh time Size • Mbytes • Number of ROM chips Ease of use • Training time • Number of help frames Reliability • Mean time to failure • Probability of unavailability • Rate of failure occurrence • Availability Robustness • Time to restart after failure • Percentage of events causing failure • Probability of data corruption on failure Portability • Percentage of target dependent statements • Number of target systems
  7. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 Examples (Constraints) § Should comply

    FERPA regulations. § Software is developed keeping downward compatibility intact. What about • Pac-man? • Canvas? • MyASU?
  8. jgs Spring 2022 | 00000010 Homework § Read: Requirements Engineering:

    A Roadmap Nuseibeh, Bashar, and Steve Easterbrook Proceedings of the Conference on the Future of Software Engineering 2000
  9. jgs CSE 563 Software Requirements and Specification Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez, Ph.D.

    [email protected] Spring 2022 Copyright. These slides can only be used as study material for the class CSE563 at ASU. They cannot be distributed or used for another purpose.