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Build A RESTful API in Go

Build A RESTful API in Go

Build a RESTful API that controls a Sphero (http://www.gosphero.com/). Source code is here: https://github.com/jingweno/gundam

Jingwen Owen Ou

February 05, 2014

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  1. Build a RESTful API in Go
    Owen OU

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  2. Sphero
    • A robot ball (http://www.gosphero.com/)
    • Go binding: http://gobot.io

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  3. An endpoint to Sphero
    • `curl -X PUT localhost:3000/rgb/255,0,0` =>
    change Sphero’s colour to red
    • TDD an endpoint using Go standard library
    • TDD an endpoint using Martini and Assert
    • https://github.com/codegangsta/martini
    • https://github.com/bmizerany/assert

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  4. Source
    • https://github.com/jingweno/gundam
    • $ git checkout api

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  5. Q&A

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