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Droidcon India 2015 - Android & Indic Languages

Jishnu Mohan
December 17, 2015

Droidcon India 2015 - Android & Indic Languages

Talk about challenges in developing Indic apps for Android. Details about Libindic-android library and Indic Keyboard, both Free and Open Source projects.

Jishnu Mohan

December 17, 2015

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  1. challenges lack of fonts / language support in general input

    support rendering issues application size
  2. Indic Project input Indic Keyboard Varnam Firefox OS Keyboard accessibility

    Dhvani Ibus Sharada Braille data Grandham Project Development Libindic Libindic SDK
  3. Indic Keyboard Google Indic Keyboard free and Open Source proprietary

    23 languages 12 languages 55 layouts 23 layouts
  4. অসমমযয (Assamese) বযবলয (Bengali) ગગજરરતત (Gujarati) हहिन्ददी (Hindi) ಕನನಡ (Kannada)

    رش ش أک (Kashmiri) മലയയളള (Malayalam) মমততলললন (Manipuri/Methei) ममैथथिलली (Maithili) मरराठठी (Marathi) ननेपरालली (Nepali) ଓଡଡଆ (Oriya) ਪਪਜਜਬਬ (Punjabi) ससंस्क कृ त (Sanskrit) ससंतरालली (Santali) தமமழ (Tamil) తలగ (Telugu) ودرا (Urdu) ة ش يبب رر ع ر لا (Arabic) မမြနန်မြမာစမာ (Burmese) ဘသ မြနန်; (Mon) සසහල (Sinhalese)
  5. solution extended version of AOSP keyboard 20+ languages 50+ layouts

    free and Open Source dictionary based word suggestion
  6. use cases support older versions of android user input without

    asking user to install custom keyboard & many more!
  7. how to use it in your app direcly add in

    gradle / download source code and add to your project / download aar file from maven central and add as a local dependency