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Dark, a language built for deployless backends

Dark, a language built for deployless backends

L'informatique d'aujourd'hui est compliqué... sans forcément que cela soit nécessaire.

Par exemple, que faut-il pour déployer un bot Slack ?

un langage 🐍
un IDE 🧑‍💻
un outil de build 🛠
un outil de déploiement 📦
une plateforme Cloud ☁️
un outil de trace pour vérifier cela 📈
Dark (Darklang) propose un langage de programmation associé à un éditeur en ligne et un concept nommé "Deployless" (votre code est déployé automatiquement en 50ms)

L'infrastructure est gérée pour nous. Nous aurons accès à 4 concepts : l'API http, le background worker, le datastore et le scheduled job.

Voyons ensemble ce que cela donne ! 🚀


Julien Landuré

December 04, 2020


  1. Darklang A language built for deployless backends Technozaure Nantes 2020

    Julien Landuré
  2. Julien Landuré GDG Nantes GDG Cloud Nantes @jlandure GDG

    Organizer - GDE Cloud CTO Zenika
  3. “Speed of developer iteration is the single most important factor

    in how quickly a technology company can move.” Paul Biggar, 2019
  4. The first and most important decision was to make Dark

    “deployless” How Dark deploys code in 50ms Beta Access
  5. What do we need as a developer? What’s an app

    in these days?
  6. Darklang Callable API Endpoints & Webhooks CORS Store data CRUD

    app using datastore Async Jobs Workers Scheduled Jobs Planned workloads Static Files Custom domain DX Editor REPLs
  7. Demo Time

  8. Some explanations please! What happened?

  9. Live-reload OCaml based A language built for deployless backends New!

    ServerSide Darklang
  10. Remove all accidental complexity from coding Infrastructure complexity Deployment complexity

    API complexity Code-as-text complexity Principle Darklang Concepts Trace Driven Development Make a request to the non-existent handler Functional Programming Language Implicit Return Deployless Instant Infrastructure Integrated Tooling Live Values & Play Buttons
  11. Receive webhooks live, Call out to 3rd party APIs, Store

    data, And schedule jobs ...while building no infrastructure. Bots Darklang Usecase
  12. Still in beta Young New paradigm “Deployless” Remove complexity Fun

    to discover My opinion From OCaml to F#
  13. “TL;DR: We’re taking a longer term approach to building Dark.

    As part of this, we’ve made the difficult decision to shrink Dark’s team, and to change how we build both the product and the company.” Paul Biggar, 2020
  14. None
  15. Thank you! Julien Landuré Zenika Nantes @jlandure