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Let’s Play with Cloud Code to Run Cloud Native Applications

Let’s Play with Cloud Code to Run Cloud Native Applications

For this edition Thursday's Matter, we'll be joined by Julien Landuré of Zenika to play with a new tool, “Cloud Code”

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THE FORMAT A 40-minute expert talk followed by a Q&A session

Let’s Play with Cloud Code to Run Cloud Native Applications
Are you creating or playing with Docker images everyday? You’re pushing them on K8S? Let’s discover a DevOps tool to improve your Developer eXperience: “Cloud Code”.

With the uses of Skaffold and Container Structure Test, you can reload your Kubernetes cluster seamlessly and validate your Docker images. Cloud Code comes with tools to help you write and run cloud-native applications easily and enables collaboration between Ops and Dev. With a quick demo using VueJS, we will use Cloud Code to make every day a productive day.


Julien Landuré

June 18, 2020


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  2. Julien Landuré @jlandure Let’s play with Cloud Code

  3. CTO Zenika GDG & DevFest Nantes Organizer GDE Cloud Julien

    Landuré Thanks Skillsmatter
  4. Story of a VueJS developer

  5. How to hot reload? ♻

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  8. How to deploy on a remote K8S? ☁

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  10. How to test my containers? ✅

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  15. • Support for Go, Node, Java, and Python • Integrated

    Debugging and Log Viewing/Streaming • Cluster and service inspection with the Kubernetes and Cloud Run explorers • Cluster creation supporting Google GKE, Amazon EKS and Azure AKS • Rapid Edit, Package, Deploy loop to your K8s cluster • Snippets, completions, and linting for K8s artifacts • Support for Custom Resources (CRDs) e.g. Istio, Knative • Automatically uses your Google Cloud SDK credentials Features
  16. What about Serverless Solution?

  17. Cloud Run: Serverless container

  18. Auto-scaling to support peak traffic spikes Compliant with Knative Deploy

    containers to production in seconds
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  20. Questions? @jlandure @jlandure