Concurrent systems in Ruby

6c469749d725177dd2837d806c769cd4?s=47 Jonas Nicklas
September 27, 2014

Concurrent systems in Ruby

Slides from my talk at RailsClub.

For the longest time, Ruby has been criticized for its underwhelming concurrency story, but things have changed, Ruby has changed.
In this talk I will showcase a few different options for concurrency, including the classic mutex/condition variable combo, Node style evented IO, Clojure-style compare-and-set, and Erlang-style actors. I will show you how you can use each of these in Ruby, and how Ruby gives you more choice than most other platforms when it comes to concurrency.

I will give you an introduction to Celluloid, the premiere framework for building concurrent applications in Ruby, showing you how it really works and how it combines the best of all options into one cohesive solution.


Jonas Nicklas

September 27, 2014