I love Jogos Friv


I've been playing computer games ever since I got a computer. The first series of online games became Jogos Friv - I learned about them from a friend 7 years ago. It was boring for him to play alone, and he decided to interest me, focusing on all sorts of girlish things: "Look, here you can put on different things, here you can collect flowers!" Imagine my surprise when I saw that this is far from the most interesting thing in the game. By the way, in my experience, boys are more interested in looks than girls.

After Jogos Friv I tried different MMOs, but I didn't like anything. And it's not even about the graphics - I don't think that's the most important thing. The spirit of this game is so close to me that even now, when almost all of my friends have left Aion, I continue to play.

When I first started playing, I didn't get enough sleep, and it all ended in fainting. Now I play an average of two hours a day. It takes me about an hour for deriki, which I love very much, and another hour for the siege. I am not at all interested in the new content of the game: I only come to activities where you can run around with like-minded people.

I play without donation and even buy a subscription not for real money, but for Kinah - in-game currency. Five years ago, when the store first opened, I bought myself a dress. Then these goods were in short supply, but now everything is put on stream: the things that appear in the store immediately go to the auction - and they can be bought for currency.

I am an extremely fickle person: I have changed many characters in seven years. I had to change the game server three times - because of this, the original characters were not preserved. I currently play as a pilot-class character named MegWhite after the Whitestripes drummer. But my favorite character was a tank named Meitene, which means “girl” in Latvian. It is interesting that I gave the name to my character even before I married a Latvian and moved to Riga.

I also met my husband in Friv. It all started when a gladiator was asked to join our legion. We had a stern legate, and he gave the new recruit a serious test, which he passed with dignity. We started running together and chatting every night on Skype. Then I lived in Siberia and once invited him and several people from the legion to gather in Moscow. So we met. Why my husband went to the Russian server while living in Latvia, I don't know. And the fact that from all the servers, from all the sites with the game, we started to play on one, is very funny. Probably, and the truth is fate.

When my husband and I had not yet moved in, we had a big difference in time zones - 4-5 hours, depending on whether it was summer or winter. When he came home from work and went to Friv, living in Riga, in Siberia it was already about midnight. I had to live according to Latvian time: I went to bed at about 5 o'clock in the morning and everyone knew that before lunchtime they could not meddle with me, because I was sleeping. I worked as a photographer in my photo studio, so I could plan the time myself. My work began at lunchtime and ended late in the evening.


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