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Animal Rangers (Pilot) Incomplete

Animal Rangers (Pilot) Incomplete

"Animal Rangers" is about a young adult, Lanard, who lives in a world where shifting into animals is the norm however he cannot. Despite not being able to transform, he recently graduated from the Rangers Academy somehow. With the help of his fellow teammates, he learns the truth about what they have fighting for and discovers a new side to him. For better or for worse.

John Hudson

September 22, 2023

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  1. Scene 63 Duration 04:21 Panel 1 Duration 01:04 Dialog LANARD

    and ASH: Huh? Page 245/373 Aniamls Rangers Pilot.pdf
  2. Scene 63 Duration 04:21 Panel 3 Duration 01:19 Dialog FANG:

    Need some help? Page 247/373 Aniamls Rangers Pilot.pdf