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AHT Services LLC

AHT Services LLC

We are among the excellent waterproofing companies in UAE and have the experience, training, and specialized equipment to handle the most unique situations. We offer excellent cementitious waterproofing, epoxy coating, and polyurea coating services in UAE.



June 08, 2021


  1. AHT Services LLC Gives state of the art services: •

    Waterproofing - Polyurea • Roof Waterproofing • Floor Waterproofing • Food Industry Waterproofing • Marine & Leisure Applications
  2. Best Method of Waterproofing • Cementitious waterproofing • Elastomeric waterproofing

    coating • Bituminous waterproofing coating • Bituminous waterproofing membrane • Polyurethane liquid membrane
  3. Features Cementitious waterproofing Used with cement & acrylic and applied

    thick layer, It doesn't expand & contract under heat & cold exposure respectively. Elastomeric waterproofing coating Special rubbery liquid is used. It is stretchable and ideally be used for outdoor waterproofing like roofs. Bituminous waterproofing coating It is used for paved roads because of polymer grade and fibre reinforcements. It is applied like paint, spread onto the surface. It is not suitable for sunlight exposure as it turns brittle under heat.
  4. Polyurethane liquid membrane This expensive method of waterproofing, used mainly

    on flat roofs. It has the ability to withstand the exposure of elements It is highly stretchable but sensitive to moisture content. it doesn’t cause damage in the long run. It provides a sleek finish and is durable by regular standards. Bituminous waterproofing membrane It is a sheet and is rolled out onto the surface. Suitable for low-sloped roofing. There are two types of Bituminous waterproofing membrane,Torch-on membranes & self-adhesive Self-adhesive has short time period. Features
  5. AHT Services AHT Services LLC, provides high quality waterproofing services

    to its esteem clients. They have the experienced, trained, and specialized equipments & human capital to handle the most unique situations. They offer excellent cementitious waterproofing, epoxy coating, and polyurea coating services in UAE. AHT Services LLC has 50 certified Application and Preparation professionals and 10 Specialist Teams with wide-range of experience in coating and protection services.
  6. AHT Services LLC Website: Email address: Address: Jebel

    Ali industrial #1 Warehouse #158, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum Complex P.O BOX 36804 Dubai, UAE