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Building The Smoker

Building The Smoker

About 18 months ago we decided to build a smoker. It finally came to fruition over the two weeks preceding Memorial Day 2011. Here is our journey.


Jonathan Hoyt

November 18, 2011


  1. Ordered List Jonathan Hoyt Northern Indiana May 29th, 2011 The

    Smoker Building a smoker from 55 gallon drums
  2. Step 1: get someone to print this curve for you

    to scale, 72” wide Step 2: Get a couple 55 gallon drums
  3. Step 3: Affix the curve to one drum and then

    cut along the curve
  4. NOTE: Get your dad to help you!

  5. Step 4: Set the 2nd drum on the first (now

    that its cut) and rejoice in your progress
  6. Step 5: Cut the door openings

  7. Step 5: Burn the barrels, removing junk inside

  8. Step 6: Attach 2 inch strips of tin as a

    lip for the lids (make sure to make a funny look)
  9. Step 7: Attach top to bottom using screws and rivets

  10. This is what it looks like from the inside of

    the bottom barrel
  11. Step 8: Attach lid & fire door using hinges and

  12. Step 9: Attach clasps and ponder the awesomeness

  13. Step 10: Enlist your brother in law and build a

  14. Step 11: Attach handles!

  15. Step 12: Get your brother in law and wife to

    paint it for you :)
  16. Pose like you painted it :)

  17. Step 13: Attach thermostat

  18. Step 14: Attach chimney

  19. Step 15: Drill holes from top barrel into bottom barrel

  20. Step 16: Insert grates and gaze in awe

  21. Step 17: Attach chimney flume while smoker is running (not

    actually recommended)
  22. Step 18: Make a bigger better coal basket out of

    an old canning kettle
  23. Step 19: BBQ some meat!

  24. Step 20: Cut the meat

  25. Enjoy with family and friends!!!