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Ultimate Static Site Host Showdown

Ultimate Static Site Host Showdown

TL;DR - Use Netlify.com - fast, free, secure

With such a huge range of options for hosting your static website, which one do you chose? In this talk, Josh, founder of TurboAPI, talks through the journey of finding the most performant and secure host for his Gatsby-based blog. The talk will be comparing, Firebase, GH Pages, GitLab pages, Netlify, Surge, Heroku and more.

Recorded live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPQRzCbuP6o at MidlandsJS January 2021


Josh Ghent

January 23, 2021


  1. The Ultimate Static Site Host Comparison - 2021

  2. @joshghent

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  4. such calm very relax Look at my webpage whilst I

    rake my sand garden brb listening to my rainforest sounds
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  6. https://joshghent.com

  7. What are we evaluating? Ease of Deployment Performance Security (out

    the box) Free plan
  8. The Setup https://turboapi.dev

  9. How it Works

  10. The Contenders • Vercel • GitHub Pages • GItLab Pages

    • Heroku • Netlify • Gatsby Cloud • Surge • Firebase
  11. Vercel • 3 click deployments • Pretty much instant (the

    service used to be called “now” and they weren’t kidding) • Missing some critical headers out the box
  12. GitHub Pages • Dead easy to setup - just create

    a branch! • Small cache • Headers are non-existent
  13. Netlify • Incredibly easy to set up • Lovely GitHub

    integration • Missing headers out the box but easily configurable
  14. Gatsby Cloud • Super easy 5 clicks to deploy •

    Nice user interface and onboarding - can sign in with GitHub • Nicely integrated with the Gatsby Ecosystem
  15. Firebase • Fairly easy to configure but have to use

    a terminal • Headers are not the worst but not great
  16. Surge • Rapid deployments but has to be from a

    CLI • Headers out the box aren’t secure
  17. Heroku • “Sleeps” the site after a period of time

    • Headers are non-existent • Had to configure build packs for Gatsby to get it to work • Average response time of 23 seconds!
  18. Gitlab Pages • Have to create a .gitlabci job to

    handle the deployment • Non-existent headers - at least out the box • Average time of 797ms
  19. Performance - median response time • Pingdom Regions - London,

    Frankfurt, SF • No TurboAPI Heroku stats as they were so slow • Firebase, Vercel and Surge average is slow on pingdom as it’s hosted in SF • Netlify appears most consistently performant across all regions
  20. None
  21. Just Get to the Point If you’re going to pick

    a place to host your Gatsby or any other static site - pick Netlify! Why? • Faster than competitors • Secure out the box • Easy to deploy • Free with a custom domain • GitHub Integration is dope
  22. Thank https://turboapi.dev josh@turboapi.dev