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SGE & The Future of Search for Publishers

Kapwom Dingis
April 26, 2024

SGE & The Future of Search for Publishers

Kapwom Dingis

April 26, 2024


  1. SGE & The Future of Search for Publishers Kapwom Dingis

    SEMETRICAL Speakerdeck.com/kapwomd @Kapwom85
  2. 2 1. What is Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE)? 2.

    Why SGE is a game changer 3. Key SGE Challenges 4. Insights & Trends from SGE 5. Actionable tips - preparing for SGE Agenda
  3. …uses artificial intelligence to generate contextual answers to complex questions.

    Example Search: What shoes are better for playing basketball in, the Jordan 4’s or 12’s? What is SGE? Google’s Search Generative Experience
  4. 5 SGE - Summary I Expected release date: Q2 -

    Q3 2024 Possibly to be announced at Google I/O 14th of May 2024
  5. SGE - Summary II AI Powered Overview Quick overview /

    summary on a topic (from multiple sources)
  6. 7 What is SGE? - An AI Snapshot How SGE

    uses AI to enhance your search experience: • AI Snapshot • Conversational mode • Vertical experiences • Videos incorporated in results
  7. 9 Accessing SGE SGE is now available in in 120

    countries UK Users — Access via VPN until recently Google Labs signup
  8. 12 SGE - The Way We Search In the long-term

    could change how search is made. Google reported: “highest satisfaction scores among younger users (18-24 year olds)...”
  9. 14 Paywall content challenge Paywall content still appearing in GenAI

    results Google-Extended robots.txt instructions to block Google AI tools does not include SGE results
  10. 16 Volatile state of SGE Recent changes: • Queries that

    trigger AI overview - sometimes don’t generate the AI summary • SGE response layout (final layout could still change)
  11. 17 Process for ranking in SGE Hints from looking at

    results and identifying patterns = Volatile state means product released could be completely different.
  12. 18 No SGE performance tracking Only manual checks of what’s

    currently appearing - not currently scalable
  13. 22 Spike in eCommerce Queries Products are prominently displayed in

    the AI overview Unique images - increased importance for conversions
  14. 23 More media being displayed in results Images and then

    videos have been added to SGE GenAI results. Use of tables, charts and diagrams…etc
  15. Ensure content is “helpful” to users Depth of knowledge and

    first hand experience Give opinion different from other websites Google Helpful Content Documentation: LINK
  16. 27 Build a strong E-E-A-T score Does Google trust your

    website enough to show information in SGE? • Up to date content • Author profiles and socials - showcase their experience and expertise • Ensure content/data is correct • Link to studies and data/research
  17. 28 Put important words / KW early in title An

    engaging title is key First 1 or 2 paragraphs of content should also be engaging - consider adding statistics
  18. 29 Use the power of digital PR to build your

    brand Trusted brand = Improved E-E-A-T Build Your Brand
  19. Include attractive images/media Images will be part of SGE The

    right image/video can improve CTR significantly
  20. 31 Optimise with the right markup Structured data or Schema

    Markup helps: • train search engines on quality data, • improve the accuracy of their answers, • and give you a control point to inform generative AI on your web content.
  21. 32 Do a mini audit Identify top keywords: • Select

    1 or 2 key topics for your website • Identify a handful of keywords to search for • Check consistency of results and identify patterns for content appearing
  22. 33 Pay attention to what’s happening Run some tests for

    priority queries • Any competitor patterns? • Can you improve your site/content/UX?
  23. 34 While SGE is currently volatile and hard to predict

    GOOD NEWS = A lot of the best practices for SEO performance apply Search Generative Experience
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