Kapwom Dingis is a Senior SEO Manager at Semetrical. With a passion for the latest search trends, he can often be found enthusiastically debating the finer points of digital marketing trends. This has led to some speaking opportunities in the past, including guest speaking spots at the Directory of Social Change Charity Fair & SEO Bash.

Kapwom's experience spans over 10 years working in the SEO space, with senior roles at Honcho, Lifecycle Marketing and upriseUP. He has a proven record of driving revenue gains and branding awareness through intelligent use of search engine optimisation (SEO audits, technical seo implementation, website architecture, url analysis, keyword research, LSI words for ranking, link building, content management, ), website analytics (Google Analytics), social media, video and pay-per-click advertising.

When not getting excited about the latest updates to SERP and digital marketing, he can often be found being the shortest (he would argue often the most skilled) person on the basketball court.



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