Wire mesh, also known as wire mesh, is a very versatile product with thousands of different applications around the world. The variety of wire mesh products itself depends on production capabilities, there are almost unlimited combinations of wire sizes and diameters that Karya Utama jual kawat weldedmesh can be produced, in fabric or welded construction. In addition to being used for residential construction, the wire mesh is also used for an industry. Use it for separation or filtration if needed. While other applications of wire mesh are for various things, such as security. This feature can use wire mesh applied to windows and cars as well as staircase panels. In gutters and ventilation, wire mesh is also widely applied. This makes the wire mesh have many functions in everyday life. especially in the world of architecture, where almost all constructions require this element for the best finish. Since wire mesh is a versatile industrial product, construction and industry tend to play the most important role in it.The wire mesh and full specifications can be viewed based on wire size and type. For welding Karya Utama Steel, kawat wiremesh galvanis , the wire mesh usually uses stainless steel, galvanized steel and also T304 stainless steel. These are the most commonly encountered materials in this field. For those who are cheaper, you can also choose the wire mesh, and its specifications are more efficient, that is, have a certain size of wire, the diameter of the wire can be determined by you which is usually bought in rolls or in sheets. , the wire mesh Karya Utama Steel has a variety which can be adapted to the needs of construction and industry. Not just in a different shape. There are parallelogram-shaped threads with different wire diameters.

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