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A culture of heptagon inc.

June 01, 2019

A culture of heptagon inc.


June 01, 2019


  1. A culture of heptagon inc.  

  2. Introduce myself • Kayo Sato • Live in Sendai, Japan

    • Infrastructure Engineer (cloud) • Linux system administrator • I have a three-year-old son.  
  3. • Company introduction • Our unique employee benefits Today’s topic

  4. Introduce to heptagon inc. ɾwork from home ɾour team is

    4 members ɾTeal Organization Frederic L; Reinventing Organizations https://www.reinventingorganizations.com/ ɾwe all gather once a month. ɾrecommend joining communities  
  5. selfhack-time Our unique employee benefit  

  6. It’s a benefit to support us growing as a person.

  7. What does IT engineer need to continue to create value?

    Growth as a person not only as engineer  
  8. What should we do to grow as a personʁ 

  9. Try new things What kind of thing can we do?

    ɾTry a new experience ɾStudy new things ɾPlay hard When can we doʁ ɾDuring the work hours ɾUp to 4 hours a week (half a day a week) ɾOur company pay part of our expenses Started from July, 2018 Launched a new employee benefit  
  10. What had/has been done so far? ɾwent to an English

    conversation school ɾenjoyed the paintings at a museum ɾstudied quantum mechanics ɾdoing yoga ɾtrading in foreign exchange  
  11. Last time I learned to wear a Kimono last time.

    This time, what I do is cycling. my activity  
  12. Reaction from people aound us ɾvery good ɾwant to copy

    If you think it’s good, you can copy our idea!  
  13. Thank you!