SurroundSense Trial One

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March 12, 2013

SurroundSense Trial One



March 12, 2013


  1. How does sensory change in the workplace affect calm and

    productivity? Kevin Mori, Robert Lee, Justine Fedronic
  2. Hypothesis: Nature-inspired sensory change increases calm and focus in office

    workers Calm and focus
  3. Sensory Change ∆ location ∆ time

  4. None
  5. Our Users Said: Sight o  "I liked the scenery, but

    I would probably would want the ability to change it as well." o  "I might want a mountain scene for reflection, and a beach scene for relaxation." Sound o  "The nature sounds were sometimes distracting -- I would prefer a more continuous, white noise." Smell o  "The flowery smell was too strong and overwhelming." o  "I didn't notice any smells."
  6. None
  7. "I am most productive when there is a little bit

    of change."