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my adventures concerning readable code

Kelvin Tay
October 25, 2017

my adventures concerning readable code

for a casual meetup (https://english-lt.connpass.com/event/67958/) organized by Github's Tokyo office.

Kelvin Tay

October 25, 2017


  1. I am a Twin / 双子 - Art Industry /

    芸術専門 - Writer / 文章を書いている
  2. Software is just details. Like authors, we need to ensure

    it is readable for the readers. “ “
  3. variable, function & class names is_user_logged_in = isinstance(user, User) if

    is_user_logged_in: return news_personalized(user) return news_general()
  4. Built a simple tool to 'evaluate' source codes looks for

    top N words used in your variable, function & class names
  5. Impact #2 If top N words do not describe systems

    well, maybe the code is 'doing too much'