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IT1004 Case D Analysis

IT1004 Case D Analysis

Supplementary content for the discussion for Case D: Marketing to the Children of the Web. Authored for NUS, IT1004 AY2012/2013 Semester 2.

Kelvin Tay

March 24, 2013

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  1. Marketing to Children But kids have no money, right? • 

    Pester Power – “I want this. I really want this.” •  Guilt Trip – “But my friends have it.” – Working parents
  2. Q1: How Internet changes Marketing to Children •  Sponsored Mini

    Games – E.g. Oreo Race for the Stuf •  In-game product advertisements – Product placement
  3. Q1: How Internet changes Marketing to Children Notice all marketing

    strategies include these elements of appeal: •  Interaction •  Visuals •  Entertainment
  4. Q2: Why is marketing to children a big concern • 

    May erode values •  Takes advantage of children’s power to discern •  Internet safety (is there one?) •  Privacy concerns
  5. My 2 Cents •  Policing difficult •  User experience VS

    technical flaws •  Google Education – http://www.youtube.com/user/ googleprivacy