Kenji Hiranabe


An Agile software development practitioner, book writer/translator
Board Member of Scrum Inc, Japan
CEO of Change Vision, Inc.
CEO of ESM, Inc.

I think of software development as a form of collaborative game, and have been searching for better ways to make it more productive, collaborative, and fun.

I'm a frequent speaker at Agile Conferences, including Agile20xx, Agile Japan 20xx, Agile Brazil 2012, Agile India 2013, Agile Korea 2014, Agile Root 2014. Also a co-founder of Agile Japan.

Other slides are at;

"People As the Conveyer of Knowledge"

"Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean"

"Agile Modeling with Mind Map and UML."

I'm co-author (with Ikujiro Nonaka) of “Agile and Scrum: Collaborative Software Development That Connects Customers, Engineers and Management.”

Also co-translator of English Agile books into Japanese including:
"Lean Software Development"(Mary/Tom Poppendieck),
"The Art of Agile Development"(James Shore),
"XP Installed"(Ron Jeffries),
"Agile Project Management."(Jim Highsmith)
"Impact Mapping"(Gojko Adzic)

2008 Gordon Pask Award Recipient for contributions to Agile practice.

I've been developing "astah*"(formerly known as "JUDE"), a UML, MindMap, ERD, and DFD combination editor software.

Specialties: agile software development, project management, software architecture, book writing, object-oriented software design, lean development, lean production, toyota production system, kanban software development


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