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Vases takes on a vital role in interior design for home, offices, hotels and commercial buildings. Vases are everywhere and everything for interior. It can be a decoration by itself, it can hold cut blossoms, can put anything like decorated sticks or stems of a plant. Vases have different materials and craftsmanship like wood, glass, ceramic, clay and metal.

The use of flower vases is to add attraction to the flower, whatever the design of the vase it makes the flower more beautiful. Crystal vases are one kind of a vase who can keep cut flowers to be a decoration and there are different shapes of it.
• Mason Jar : one of the budget-friendly that can be used as vase too that is available too in few different sizes and shapes. Mostly used for retro and rustic events or them of a home interior.
• Bouquet vase : this is a typical shaped vase and it is usually seven ins tall. This has small opening and big body to let you put more flowers, leaves and stems for your arrangement.
• Cylinder Vase – easy to find in the market and easy to decorate because of its shape. It’s a long vase that can make your arrangement very advanced looking. This kind of vase is designed for tall flowers.
• Bowl vases – because of its wide round shape, this vase has unique use. For the blossoms that floats or if you wish to have leaves or flowers that floats on the drinking water for your decoration this is best to make use of.
• Square Vase – it is obvious what kind of vase is this, so Square vases looks very elegant. Mostly, they use this vase if you wish flowers surrounding by green simply leaves on the side.
Amazingly vase are clear and plain, that is why you can do anything and set anything on it.
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