Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos


After completing graduate and post-graduate specialized studies in New York, London and Athens, Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos partnered with the Athens based Cinema and TV School "Papantonopoulos" and was a professor of film and video studies there from 1980 to 2002.

In 1999, he founded AKTIS AVTeam, which produced a variety of international productions, ecological and historical documentaries for television and the very successful television series "Kouklobelades," an educational series for disabled children.

His studio was the first to bring Accessibility Programming for the hearing and visually impaired to Greece. Many international and national productions are to his credit as well as movie productions and a featured muppet movie for disabled children. He has also created "Transport-casting" (Video viewing technology in Public Transport vehicles) and Infomail, an email embed technology among his many innovations in the field of videography and new technology.

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