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Troubleshooting on Build & Release Flutter apps

Troubleshooting on Build & Release Flutter apps

potatotips #69の発表資料です。
【Android枠】Troubleshooting on
 Build & Release Flutter apps
#flutter #flutterjp #potatotips

Kenichi Kambara

April 27, 2020

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  1. About me •Mobile App Development •Technical Speeches •Technical Writings •[Official]

    Evangelist at NTT TechnoCross •[Private] iplatform.org Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid)
  2. ͜Ε·ͰͷTips [1] https://bit.ly/2IMOqmy (Flutter֓ཁ) [2] https://bit.ly/2ss1OpZ (ϓϥάΠϯ) [3] https://bit.ly/2sgjKnT (ը໘)

    [4] https://bit.ly/2L9RH17 (ࠃࡍԽରԠ) [5] https://bit.ly/2BpJJAi (ΞϓϦϦϦʔε) [6] https://bit.ly/2vLfIbV (ϨΠΞ΢τ)
  3. औΓ૊Μͩ͜ͱ BLoC + Provider Firebase Using useful packages (Troubleshooting) 1.

 2. Ϋϥ΢υ࿈ܞ(ೝূ/σʔλಉظ)
 3. UI/UXվળ
 4. ϏϧυˍϦϦʔε

  4. [Android] Release Build [.aab] 1. $ flutter build appbundle

    Uploading .aab (1 file) to Google Play Store [.apk] 1. $ flutter build apk --release —target-platform=android-arm $ flutter build apk --release —target-platform=android-arm64
 2. Uploading .apk (2 files) to Google Play Store
  5. [iOS] Release Build $ flutter build ios * No valid

    code signing certificates were found You can connect to your Apple Developer account by signing in with your Apple ID in Xcode and create an iOS Development Certificate as well as a Provisioning
 →Xcode্ͰiOS Developerূ໌ॻΛઃఆ
  6. [iOS] Validate App [Xcode] Product > Archive —-> Validate App

    * Invalid App Store Icon. The App Store Icon in the asset catalog in 'My ToDo.app' can't be transparent nor contain an alpha channel.
  7. [iOS] Distribute App & App Review [Xcode] Distribute App (Applying

    to App Store) * Guideline 4.8 - Design - Sign in with Apple
 ɹ→Social Loginػೳ͕͋Δ৔߹ɺAppleೝূ΁΋ରԠ͕ඞਢ(Ұ෦ྫ֎͋Γ)
  8. Please let me know if you have any requests 

    such as technical speeches, technical writings and so on. Facebook:http://fb.com/kanbara.kenichi Twitter:@korodroid LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/korodroid Thank you so much