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KINTO Technologies Company Guide_EN

March 29, 2024

KINTO Technologies Company Guide_EN


March 29, 2024


  1. Table of contents 01 About Us 03 02 Product Overview

    13 03 Our Team 17 04 Working Environment and Company System 26 05 Job Opportunities 34 02
  2. About Us 04 01 About Us Company Name Established Board

    members Capital Shareholder Information processing services including design, development, operational management and sales of information systems in the digital field. Planning, drafting and consulting services for corporate management strategies and marketing strategies Muromachi Office 2-3-1 Nihombashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building (COREDO Muromachi 2) 7th floor [Reception], 16th floor Jimbocho Office Terrace Square 8th floor, 3-22 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101- 0054, Japan Nagoya Office 4-8-18, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan North 14th floor, Nagoya Mitsui Bldg. Osaka Tech Lab Osaka Toyota Bldg. 4th floor, 4-3-11 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0081, Japan Business Location KINTO Technologies Corporation April 2021 President and representative director Shinya Kotera Executive Vice President Hitoshi Kageyama Director Hideo Egashira Auditor Naoki Tokuhisa 10,000,000 yen Toyota Financial Services Corporation
  3. About KINTO Technologies Corporation (Group Organization) Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota

    Financial Services Corporation International sales finance company We expand our business in more than 40 countries and regions around the world Toyota Finance Corporation 05 01 About Us KINTO Technologies Corporation KINTO Corporation Sales Finance, Credit Cards, Etc.
  4. Our President and Vice President Joined Toyota Motor Corporation in

    1984. After gaining experience in sales and other areas, served as chief of the BR Tomorrow Toyota Preparation Office in the Corporate Planning Department, general manager of the medium- and Long-term Planning Office in the Sales Planning Department, general manager of the BR Next-generation Environmental Vehicle Business Office, general manager of the Sales Planning Department, general manager of the Emerging Country Planning Department, managing officer, President of the Second Toyota business unit, and general manager of the East Asia & Oceania Division. He was in charge of the "Toyota Way 2001" project, the Toyota IMV project, and the joint development project with Tesla. Since 2018, served (and continues to serve) as Executive Vice President of Toyota Financial Services. In January 2019, was involved in the establishment of KINTO Corporation and was appointed President and Representative Director (current position). In April 2021, he assumed his current position with the establishment of KINTO Technologies, Inc. At Rakuten, he oversaw the Rakuten Group's data center, network, servers, and other infrastructure, as well as the development of ID services, Super Point services, email services, marketing DWH, online supermarket, electronic money, and logistics systems. Then joined Toyota Financial Services in June 2019 after serving as head of Nitori's IT and logistics systems area. He set up the current digital IT organization from scratch. Has been in the current position since April 2021. Executive Vice President Hitoshi Kageyama President and representative director Shinya Kotera 06 01 About Us
  5. Work ethic Culture Values Vision 01 About Us 07 Our

    values KINTO Technologies culture and philosophy were designed to bring our vision to life in the future. Our culture is shaped by our attitude where each one of us takes professional pride in our work and respects each other's roles as one team to create products that customers desire. This approach aligns with our guiding principle for operations, aiming to turn our vision into reality for the future. As a leading player in the mobility platform industry, we aim to provide a unique moving experience for every persons' transportation needs. Breakthrough Uniqueness Flexibility We are creators. We bring to life mobility solutions for everyone, with the power of technology and creativity. We understand our business and take ownership. One Team. Active Player.
  6. VISION How we want to be As a leading player

    of the mobility platform industry, we aim to provide a unique ‘moving experience’ for every person’s transportation needs. Values Our core principles Our vision & values Breakthrough Uniqueness Flexibility Challenge meets Technology. We break the mould and create a new world. With astonishing ideas, we deliver unapparelled excitement. We think outside of box. We enjoy changes with a flexible mindset. 08 01 About Us
  7. Culture & Work attitude 9 01 About Us KINTO Technologies

    CULTURE Working attitude Every single person is a driver of value that contributes to the team with their unique set of skills. No success comes alone, so we respect and celebrate our diversity. Although different, we act as One Team. We believe that united, we will be able to paint a new Innovation landscape. We continue to enjoy change, learn, and take on challenges, even on the road less traveled. With professional pride, we can take our customers to an exciting future of mobility by repeatedly improving our products through trial and error. One Team Active Player We understand businesses and take accountability As one team As a team member We are creators. Through the power of technology and creativity, we offer mobility products that each person desires.
  8. The role of KTC MISSION We are committed to continuously

    creating products that support and nurture mobility services and serve our customers around the world as pioneers of web services within the Toyota Group. Mobility Product Technology Creativity 10 01 About Us
  9. Why an in-house organization? Due to the frequent need for

    continuous improvement, An in-house organization’s ability to act quickly brings competitive advantage. The Toyota Group announced its transformation into a "Mobility Company in 2018. KINTO Technologies has developed "customer-oriented (B-to- C business) systems designed to increase customer satisfaction and sales. To make it happen, listening to the voice of our customers and reflect it in our services and systems in a speedy manner is necessary. 01 02 03 11 01 About Us
  10. Business teams and development teams work closely together to shape

    product development. Characteristics of KTC Development Organization POINT 01 We listen to customers' voices and reflect feedback quickly in our products. We also accelerate service development through working closely with Toyota Motor Corporation. POINT 02 We develop from the customer's perspective. We do not develop without demand. POINT 03 We create systems with business growth in mind. 12 01 About Us
  11. Products by KINTO Technologies 14 02 Product introduction This is

    a car subscription service with a fixed monthly fee that includes insurance options, car tax, and other car-related expenses. You can easily apply and sign a contract on the web, making it easy to start your car life. KINTO makes it easy for you to own a car. Car Subscription Service https://kinto-jp.com/ This service "evolves" the software and hardware functions and items of customers currently owned Toyota/Lexus vehicles to a cutting-edge state. It allows you to add options that were not available at the time of purchase or replace interior and exterior parts that have deteriorated over time, ensuring genuine quality. Vehicle customization and enhancement services for car enthusiasts https://factory.kinto-jp.com/
  12. Products by KINTO Technologies Toyota's used vehicle subscription service that

    carefully selects vehicles in good condition with no repair history, from mainly the KINTO ONE service. All the various expenses associated with your car are included in a monthly flat-rate service. KINTO ONE used vehicles enriches car ownership. https://up.kinto-jp.com/ Prism Japan's unique AI analyzes your current mood and preferences, which you may not even be aware of. Find the perfect place to go to with our destination-finding AI app. Explore places you ll love to visit. 15 02 Product introduction
  13. Development and Support Mobility Market is a service that enriches

    the car ownership experience. Our website offers a range of programs, whether you're seeking the ideal destination for a leisurely drive or seeking essential services to maintain your vehicle. mobility market In 2019, the KINTO brand introduced its services, now accessible worldwide. KINTO Technologies Corporation has since innovated with the Global KINTO ID Platform, launched in 2021, connecting diverse identity management systems to provide a unique global solution for KINTO customers. Global ID Platform Woven City serves as a pioneering mobility testing ground, shaping the future's new standards. We are developing a cutting-edge payment platform for value exchange and transportation, for both inventors and residents, fostering the creation of new value within it. The first phase of the Woven City's demonstration is expected to begin in 2024 or 2025 WOVEN CITY A multi-modal mobility service designed to streamline your urban transportation needs. Our all-in-one application seamlessly integrates functions such as search, reservation, and payment, ensuring a hassle-free city commute. my route Toyota's cashless payment application, where we offered our expertise in app development and the construction of an automated testing environment. TOYOTA wallet 16 02 Product introduction
  14. Departments (as of 1st April, 2023) President and Representative Director

    IT Development Group* Global Development Division 18 03 Our staff KINTO ONE Development Division Project Development Division Data Analysis Division Marketing Planning Division Platform Development Division Development Support Division *The "IT Development Group" also serves as KINTO Corporation s IT Development Group. Woven Payment Solution Development G my route development G
  15. Divisions (as of 1st April, 2023) 19 03 Our staff

    As a contact point connecting KINTO Technologies with the rest of the world, it is responsible not only for development work but also for communication with other countries. Global Development Division It is responsible for the management an operation of a wide variety of projects and the initiation and promotion of related projects. Project Development Division It plans, directs, designs UIUX for KINTO's services, and promotes branding in a creative way. Marketing Planning Division It is responsible for back-office areas for the entire company. It consists of internal systems, corporate planning and budget control, and talent acquisition, education and training. Development Support Division It is involved in system development and website production related to the "KINTO ONE" subscription service, as well as the development and production of related owned media. KINTO ONE Development Division It creates mechanisms for generating data and constructs analytical infrastructures for storing data and aims to promote and advance digital marketing through data analysis. Data Analysis Division It consists of four groups: infrastructure, QA, mobile app development, and common service development. Platform Development Division
  16. Divisions (as of 1st April, 2023) 20 03 Our staff

    As part of the Woven City project that the Toyota Group is working on, it is developing a payment system and multiple functions in collaboration with other teams. Woven Payment Solution Development Group The team is dedicated to the development of my route, a multimodal application launched in 2019, and actively building systems to deploy new features. my route Development Group *Developing at Woven Alpha, Inc.
  17. Number of employees and Age ratio (as of June 1,

    2023) Number of Employees Average Age Gender Ratio 21 03 Our staff Female Male
  18. Foreign employee ratio (as of October 1, 2022) Number of

    KINTO Technologies Corporation employee s countries/regions Percentage of Non-Japanese Countries and regions of foreign employees Italy, Iran, India, Indonesia, Canada, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Philippines, France, Vietnam, Poland, Myanmar, Korea, China, Taiwan 22 03 Our staff A diverse workforce
  19. Occupation ratio (as of October 1, 2022) Engineer Project Manager/

    Product Manager Data analyst Designer Corporate IT & Business 23 03 Our staff
  20. To work at a more global company, where they are

    striving to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to help mobilize people better. I want to immerse myself in creative activities. I want to deliver quality products to customers. Sounded exciting. I was fascinated by the team members. I want to try different things to improve my development skills in an environment with a lot of autonomy. The company and its business sounded promising. I was fascinated by the work that I m going to be involved with. To have a fresh start. To support a beginning phase of a company with products. To improve productivity of IT development companies. I heard that the culture is similar to the one of a startup, from planning to production. I was intrigued by the company positioned to promote Toyota Group's DX. The voice of our colleagues: Reasons why I joined KTC 24 03 Our staff The company environment seemed open to allow me to take new challenges.
  21. KTC s service is still in its infancy. I feel

    I can contribute to it with my hard work. Many people love technology and their jobs, for better or worse Being able to create things with a variety of experts across divisions. Being a car enthusiast, I enjoy creating new mobility services that are not found in the world yet. sense of speed I liked the Let s first give it a try" attitude of people including the president. Many fascinating people. Team members communicate without preconceived notions of hierarchy. Team members get along well. Good team atmosphere. change the worldwide mobility landscape What I like about KTC and the job satisfaction 25 03 Our staff
  22. Three groups work in the Nagoya office: the Analysis G,

    the Produce G, and the CIO Office. Houseplants are placed throughout the office to create a better working environment for all employees. There is also a "bonfire" in the company, which is a favorite resting place for employees during lunch time. Nagoya Office The Muromachi office was inaugurated in October 2019, just in time for KINTO to start recruiting talent. Together with colleagues of KINTO Corporation, which handles the business side, we work on the 7th and 16th floors. It is located In Nihonbashi -the historic starting point of Japan's road network-, where engineers and the business professionals are working together on new mobility services. Muromachi Office 27 Google map Google map
  23. Osaka Tech Lab opened in April 2022. We have team

    members from various groups including Analysis G, Platform G, and Mobile App Development G. Only a 1-minute walk from Shinsaibashi station, there are many good lunch spots around, so we explore new restaurants and share them on Slack. Osaka Tech Lab Our newest office that opened in June 2022. Team members of the Global Development G, Platform G, my route Development G, and Woven Payment Solution Development G come to work here. As many of the Global Development colleagues belong to this office, you will see and hear people from different nationalities and occupations. You can also find a vending machine wrapped with our company logo in the resting area. Jimbocho Office Google map 28 Google map
  24. 29 04 Working Environment and Systems Post-employment training and support

    A variety of support is provided to ensure comfort and ease to our mid-career employees Training and support Conducted company-wide for the two first days after joining, with each manager explaining parts of the organization. Orientation for new-hires HR interviews are conducted after hiring to help you acclimatize yourself to the organization. Post-employment interview Each department to which employees are assigned has its own orientation and mentoring program. Departmental OJT, mentor system Other workshops Study sessions for knowledge necessary for business operations are held periodically. Tech Talks, LTs, and several other events are also held casually among colleagues. Company-wide study sessions Once a month, all offices are connected via ZOOM with the participation of all employees to create an atmosphere to work as one team even if the number of employees increases. Company-wide All Hands
  25. Work Structure and Holidays 30 Working system: Full-flexible working hours

    Working hours: 8 hours/day Working schedule Saturdays and Sundays National Holidays Holidays Other days designated by the Company Paid vacations (granted from date of hire) Maternity leave, before and after childbirth Vacations Childcare and nursing care leave 04 Working Environment and Systems
  26. Welfare programs Partial subsidy of monthly rent (Stipulations for some

    grades only, for single employees, etc.) Housing Allowance 8,000 yen per month for subsidized meals (only for some grades) Meal Subsidy The company will subsidize a portion of the amount of Toyota Group stocks/credits by purchasing designated investment trusts. Investment Trust Accumulation Service For each dependent child under 18 years of age; 20,000 yen per month (only for some grades) Family Allowance Maximum age of child is 2 years old Proven track record, including male employees Childcare Leave The actual cost of the examination, which is approximately 30,000 yen, is available at Toyota Health Insurance for dependents aged 36 or older for a co-payment of 3,000 yen. Family Health Checkup Subsidies are provided when eligible KINTO services are contracted in the person's name. KINTO Subsidy Lump-sum retirement benefits and defined contribution pension plans Severance Payment This system allows you and your family members to purchase fire insurance, automobile insurance, and life insurance at a discount by taking advantage of the Toyota Group's economies of scale. Group Insurance Discount 31 04 Working Environment and Systems
  27. Work environment and Working style PCs can be chosen between

    Mac or Windows. Each staff will also receive a monitor/monitor stand equivalent to a 28-inch monitor. Choosing OS Books required for work can be purchased through the company. Purchased books are stored on the company's bookshelf and can be borrowed any time. Free Book Fees Allows employees to freely set their own working hours with the approval of their supervisor to suit their personal and family needs. We have many working mothers and fathers who work while balancing work and family, such as picking up and dropping off their children. Full-flex 32 04 Working Environment and Systems
  28. Parental Leave Stories Common Service Development G Paternity leave: Approx.

    1.5 months I started raising a child for the first time with my wife, who was on childcare leave, but decided to take childcare leave because my wife was taking on too much, so I wanted to be involved in it as much as possible, and our first son was so cute that I wanted to spend more time with him. What prompted you to take parental leave? Q1 I realized how difficult it was for my son to sleep when I wanted him to, to stop crying when I wanted him to, and to be in this state at all hours of the day. I think that taking paternity leave allowed my wife and I to spend time away from our children, both physically and mentally. By going out with a child in a stroller, I experienced firsthand both the warmth and coldness of society. One of the difficulties was that, for example, in commercial facilities, floors are moved by elevators, but even if the elevator is dedicated or priority elevators are used, they are often ignored, and it takes time to move, and in some cases, people have to give up. On the other hand, there were those who gave up their seats or gave up their space on the train, for example, and I could not help but feel grateful. What were some of the difficulties or concerns you had while on paternity leave? Q2 As is true of child-rearing itself, no matter how much joy, pleasure, and inspiration you receive from your children, child-rearing is hard and arduous, and cannot be weighed against or subtracted from such positive factors. I think it is important to cherish the emotions and joys of each moment without trying to forcefully calculate the positive and negative aspects, and how to make the best of the time to take a break and refresh oneself. Childcare leave can help, and we hope that you can make good adjustments and take advantage of it. Message to those who are planning to take paternity leave Q3 K.W. 33 04 Working Environment and Systems
  29. About the Selection 35 05 Job opportunities The process order

    is Document screening Interview (1-3 times) Job offer Step 01 Application *We are currently conducting interviews online. *We may ask you to submit assignments, etc. *We are flexible to accommodate casual interviews and office tours, so please do not hesitate to make a request! Step 02 Document screening Step 03 Interview (1-3 times) Assignment Submission (depending on job type) Step 04 Offer Interview Office Tour for those who wish to
  30. About Open Positions Front-end engineer Back-end engineer Full stack engineer

    Mobile Apps engineer Corporate engineer QA engineer Platform cloud engineer Product Manager/ Project Manager Data analyst Web Director/ Designer DX Director Corporate 36 05 Job opportunities