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WhoNote - Will This Float

Cory D. Wiles
November 16, 2012

WhoNote - Will This Float

Photos...meet music.

WhoNote gives you the ability to orchestrate a symphony for events in your life.

Cory D. Wiles

November 16, 2012


  1. “When we are dancing And you're dangerously near me I

    get ideas, I get ideas.” Louis Armstrong Friday, November 16, 12 For the past 4 years I have building apps for companies such as St. Jude, EPB, VW and various startups, but alas my portfolio only contained apps built for others. I had yet to be inspired to build something for everyone. All I needed was the idea.
  2. “Music was the lamb that made a lion out of

    me” Esthero Friday, November 16, 12 Almost every significant moment in our lives has a song associated with it. For example * your daughter’s dance recital * the last first kiss you ever had Pull out your phone right now and look at your photos. They all captured moments that have meaning. but how do we link these memories and music beyond simple reminiscing? I have this need. My friends and family have this need. So I figured I'd take a crack at it. WhoNote is the product
  3. “Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine” Bill Strange

    and Scott Davis Friday, November 16, 12 The app is fast, automatic and versatile (event from baby showers to Banaroo) * All you have to do is click to capture
  4. Photos…Meet Music Preview Image Track Filter User and Photo Info

    Toolbar Friday, November 16, 12 WhoNote gives you the ability to orchestrate a symphony for events in your life - Check-in to an event - Take pictures...no special actions required. - All photos are placed on a timeline, along with the music…sound tracking the moment * To make it even simpler you don’t even have to keep the app open after your initial check-in. * Didn't take photos with WhoNote? No problem it will ask you to upload photos taken during the event.
  5. “ABC...Easy as 1,2,3” Jackson 5 Friday, November 16, 12 When

    we look at the statistics as to how individuals interact with photos and music the potential for WhoNote becomes exponential. Let's look at the numbers: ~60 billion: number of photos uploaded to Facebook by the end of 2010 4s: most popular camera on Flickr 16 billion : number of songs downloaded from iTunes
  6. “For the dollar bill Funky dollar bill” Funkadelic Friday, November

    16, 12 The initial the service will be offered free for personal events, paid subscriptions for corporate accounts tiered by # of guests. In addition, a targeted focus on strategic integrations with other music services such as Spotify, Last.fm and Turntable.fm are a top priority.
  7. “To the sound of the beat Another one bites the

    dust” Queen Friday, November 16, 12 There are no direct competitors, but those that are close include: - Soundtracking - NightTag But no one, up to now, has taken the approach of WhoNote
  8. “You and me and all our friends Such a happy

    human race” Dave Matthews Band Friday, November 16, 12 Tim Cook said it best: "The products we make, combined with apps you create, can fundamentally change the world, and really I can't think of a better reason of getting up in the morning" Every spare minute that I have had since June has been spent working on the development of WhoNote and it has been a joy.