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How to change router’s WiFi password or SSID?
Altering the default router password is The first step in securing your WiFi community from burglars. Even though the way of changing the router password may differ from router producers, the general plan may be the similar so you're able to take the steerage from the next ways to receive The straightforward thought.

Modify WiFi Password:

Open up a web browser and input the IP contend with of your respective router together with 192.168.Zero.one or 192.168.one.1.
Login to The online-mainly dependent totally fully admin interface utilizing your username and password. Most routers Have a very default username of admin and password of admin/password.
Find Wireless Settings and navigate towards the Wi-fi Protection Internet Website.

If no longer presently, activate the “WPA/WPA2” protection solution, and in the Password industry input the password within your selection.
Now click Save to utilize the modifications.
As soon as the adjustments are accomplished your router will reboot mechanically as well as your WiFi gets disconnected. Use the trendy-working day WiFi password as exclusive to re-link Together with the network.

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