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蔡EC: 24歲開發一次成功

蔡EC: 24歲開發一次成功

Speaker: Winnie Chiu, Lauren Yang
Event: LINE TECH FRESH 畢業分享會

LINE Developers Taiwan

June 19, 2024

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  1. Roles in EC Data Team Data Engineer Data Scientist Machine

    learning Engineer • Analysis • Algorithm Design • Evaluation • Data Pipeline • Database • Platform • Model Implementation • Performance Tuning • MLOps
  2. Machine Learning Solution Flow Paper research Solution comparison Dataset preparation

    Model design and implement Model evaluation Serve model
  3. Dataset Preparation and Model implement 1. Use EC product data

    as dataset 2. Use dataset to fine-tuning models 3. Find the most suitable model Input Output
  4. Model evaluation More evaluation for selected model Performance • Response

    time • Accuracy, Recall, Precision, F1 score • Handle cases with mixed Chinese/English Ability • Easy to maintain or not • Retrain cost Maintenance
  5. 1. Time Management and Prioritization 🌟 • Focus on project

    milestones and team objectives 2. Project Continuity 🌟 • Require ongoing maintenance and continuous optimization 3. Processes and Standards🌟🌟 • Strict adherence to standards for quality and collaboration 4. Monitoring and Alerting🌟🌟 • Quickly detect and resolve issues Difference from School
  6. Lauren Yang • NCU IM / NTHU ISA • Shipment/Payment

    Microservice Team EC Backend / TECH FRESH 2023.07 - Now
  7. Technical Stack Application Development Database Management Code Quality & Continuous

    Integration Containerization & Orchestration Monitoring & Observability Others
  8. 2024 Lunar New Year System Overview Type of Lottery Lottery

    Start Process Event Consumer After the user clicks on the fortune type, this request is sent through our API server as a Kafka event to the broker, allowing the message to queue for processing.
  9. 2024 Lunar New Year System Overview Consumer Push Message The

    consumer processes the message and sends a push message request to the LINE chatbot webhook, guiding the user to continue selecting a fortune character.
  10. 2024 Lunar New Year System Overview LNY API Server After

    the user clicks, the API server receives a message from the webhook and begins processing the event related to the user's character selection.
  11. 2024 Lunar New Year System Overview LNY API Server Type

    of Character Con At this point, the API server also sends the character selection event to the Kafka broker, just like the previous fortune type event, waiting for processing.
  12. 2024 Lunar New Year System Overview Type of Character Consumer

    Push Message The consumer starts processing this message, creates a fortune lottery, and returns it to the user via the LINE chatbot.
  13. Engaging in workshops and training sessions for skill enhancement 1.

    Professional Development Opportunities 2. Supportive Work Environment Working within cross-functional teams to broaden perspectives 3. Diverse Team Experience Collaborating with experience mentors and supportive colleagues Why choose LINE? Advantages Learning about the latest trends and methodologies in the tech industry 4. Exposure to Industry Best Practices
  14. Actively participating in the creation of products that reach consumers

    1. Direct Involvement with B2C Products 2. Contribution Go Live Playing a role in how consumers interact with technology, making a real-world impact 3. Chances to Influence Consumer Experience The excitement of seeing your own work being used by real users in the market Why choose LINE? The Standout Advantages