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LINE TECHPULSE 2020 - Platform API Update

LINE TECHPULSE 2020 - Platform API Update

Platform API Update by Evan Lin @ LINE TECHPULSE 2020 https://techpulse.line.me/



December 18, 2020


  1. Platform API Update Evan Lin / LINE Developer Relations

  2. None
  3. Close to Your Customers

  4. Narrowcast Retargeting and Audience management

  5. Narrowcast The best way to retargeting your customer Age Friendship

    duration Region Operation system Gender
  6. Icon and Display name Switcher

  7. › Include emoji ID and index in text message. ›

    Only available to sent open emojis. › Emojis in webhook include in text message such as “(brown)”. Emoji Webhook and API
  8. Reply what emoji user send ”Hello, world. (brown)” ”Hello, world.

    $” ”Hi, this is what you said to me `Hello, world. $`”
  9. i18n? Get user’s language Internationalization and Localization

  10. › Get group/chat-room name › Get group/chat-room number of people.

    Group / Chatroom APIs
  11. Unsend webhook event Only receive event in group/chatroom

  12. Video viewing complete event › Call back when video with

    track id. › Cannot use in group/chatroom
  13. Share Target Picker Sharing is the best way to closing

  14. Share Target Picker Use Case Embrace the power of sharing

    Pictures Event Flex Session Flex QR code
  15. LIFF App transition “Full” type LIFF App Browser back https://liff.line.me/{liffid}

  16. Close to the Developers

  17. Channel Access Token v2.1

  18. Safety Retry API

  19. LIFF endpoint update

  20. LIFF URL update

  21. More error code on LIFF

  22. Messaging API for Webhook Easily to set/get/test your webhook by

  23. FLEX Message Update 2 Linear gradients, text shrink

  24. Developers Activities

  25. LINE Internal Hackathon

  26. Event for Share Target Picker 「新⽵ x 梅⽵⿊客松」 2020 LINE

  27. LINE FRESH 2020 Competition Hackathon

  28. None
  29. Summary

  30. 2020 Messaging API Summary Oct 2020 Webhook APIs Get Bot

    Info Jun 2020 Group summary Apr 2020 User Language Emoji API Aug 2020 Videoplay complete Unsend webhook May 2020 Emoji webhook Retry key Mar 2020 Icon/nickname switch Jan 2020 Narrowcast
  31. 2020 LIFF Summary Oct 2020 Transition to another LIFF app

    Jun 2020 New endpoint URL spec Mar 2020 Share Target Picker Jul 2020 Publish NPM Package May 2020 Versioning policy LIFF UI (In-house Lib) Oct 2019 LIFF SDK v2
  32. Digital Transformation (DX) Wireless society Smart city Internet of things

    (IoT) Wearable AI Big data 5G network AR VR Home connected Smart speaker OCR Face recognition Robotic process automation (RPA)
  33. Thank you