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Thriving through the hype cycle: an Emberjs story

Thriving through the hype cycle: an Emberjs story

Ember has survive a couple of hype cycles as the framework wars trudged on.
How did Ember managed to pull it let's find out!

Ricardo Mendes

June 22, 2019

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  1. EMBER.JS Javascript framework for browser applications Routing Components/Templates Data Management

    Build pipeline Blueprints Testing Zero Configuration Addon ecosystem
  2. EMBER.JS Who uses Ember? LinkedIn Apple Music PlayStation Store BBVA

    Qonto Heroku Travis CI Hospital Run Discourse
  3. CORE TEAMS Different perspectives Mega-Companies
 LinkedIn Product companies
 Tilde, Cardstack

 code all day, simplabs, Addepar Forum
 https://discuss.emberjs.com Discord https://discordapp.com/ Weekly Meetings
 https://github.com/emberjs/core-notes Public discussions
  4. RFC PROCESS Proposal Final Comment Period (FCP) Accepted - Anyone

    can submit an RFC - A champion from a relevant core team is assigned - Community weighs in (NOT design by committee) - Core team signals intent to accept - Community has 1 week to raise new concerns - FCP period can be restarted to address new concerns - Implementation enters train release model
  5. DEPRECATIONS Replacement API Deprecation Removal - New replacement API is

    introduced in backwards-compatible way - Old API is marked as deprecated, with relevant until version - When the defined until version is reached, the API is removed
  6. EDITIONS Moving the community to a new baseline New defaults

    for optional features Newly generated apps benefit from the new mental model Updated documentation Community is supported through migration guides and modernized documentation
  7. EMBER OCTANE Ember.Object Computed Properties Ember.Component Partials class syntax Tracked

    Properties Glimmer Components Template-only Glimmer Component
  8. RECAP Open governance Stability Distributed leadership RFC Process Roadmap Process

    Train release model LTS releases Deprecation workflow Tooling Contribute to the ecosystem Editions Innovation