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State of Ember.js - This.JS 2018-02-22

State of Ember.js - This.JS 2018-02-22

Ricardo Mendes

February 22, 2018

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  1. Ember Ember 2.16 LTS released Bugfixes Ember 2.17 Ember CLI

    Headless Chrome as default in tests Node 9 support Removed crossdomain.xml Ember Data Bugfixes
  2. Ember Removed support for IE9, IE10, Phantomjs Removed support for

    globals builds and publishing to Bower Removed deprecations slated for 3.0 Ember Data Removed window.DS global Removed deprecations Ember 3.0 Ember CLI Removed baseURL support Removed Brocfile.js support Ember 2 Legacy https://github.com/emberjs/ember-2-legacy Support for legacy features until 3.4 (first 3.x LTS)
  3. Ember ES5 getters for computed properties es5-getter-ember-codemod Ember 3.1 Optional

    Features @ember/optional-features Application Template Wrapper Template-only Glimmer Components Template component arguments ({{@name}})
  4. rfc

  5. #272 - Function.prototype extensions* Deprecate on, property, and observes in

    Function.prototype for imports #297 - Ember.Logger* Deprecate Ember.Logger for console rfc - deprecations #298 - Component lifecycle events* Deprecate lifecycle events for overriding method hooks (didInsertElement, didRender, etc) #308 - Property fallback {{name}} to {{this.name}} * Community authors
  6. #276 - Named Args {{@name}} #278 Template-only Components No component

    wrapper div ("innerHTML") #280 - Remove application wrapper No application wrapper div RFC #281 - ES5 Getters this.name instead of this.get('name') #286 - let template helper {{#let "Ricardo" as |name|}}{{name}}{{/let}} #294 - Optional jQuery Easily opt out of jQuery in your application
  7. #284 - Splitting Ember into packages Split Ember into packages

    so you can install your way from @ember/core to the full framework rfc (cont.) #293 - Ember Data Model Data Introduce an abstraction between Ember Data's internal store and public APIs in order to unlock more experimentation #300 - RFC Process Update Clarify the process itself and make it easier for community to contribute
  8. Ember CLI TypeScript Type Checking this.get, with autocomplete store.findRecord and

    other Ember Data string keys inject for Controllers and Services Addon Support Automatic type defs generation for TypeScript code Blueprints ember generate will generate TypeScript files
  9. Ember CLI update Smart updates --from 2.16 --to 3.0 Updates

    Ember dependencies without touching yours --resolve-conflicts Automatically run git mergetool --run-codemods Updates your code for you to follow new practices ember-modules-codemod ember-k-codemod ember-qunit-codemod es5-getter-embercodemod ember-native-dom-helpers