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State of Ember.js

State of Ember.js

A 10min talk I gave at the August 10th This.JavaScript livestream on the state of Ember.js.

Ricardo Mendes

August 10, 2017

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  1. Ember Language Server • Component and helper autocompletion for inline

    and sub expressions • Definition providers for (enable features like "Go To Definition" or "Peek Definition"): ◦ Components (in Templates) ◦ Helpers (in Templates) ◦ Models ◦ Transforms • Route autocompletion in link-to • Diagnostics for ember-template-lint (if it is included in a project)
  2. RFC #226 - Named Blocks Goals • Enable to pass

    multiple blocks to a component. • Unify unification of renderable syntax Sample
  3. Ember v2.15.0 Ember.js • Remove explicit names from initializers •

    Router service phase 1 • Remove deprecated owner._lookupFactory • Updated glimmer-vm version Ember CLI • Make app.import work with files inside node_modules • Use headless Chrome by default in apps and addons • Allow use with Node 8
  4. RFC #143 - Module Unification Goals • Unify layout between

    application and addons • Enable "drag and drop" from Glimmer.js • Move more of the work from run time to build time • Static module map
  5. RFC #240 - ES Classes Goals • Interop between EmberObject.extend

    and class extends • Pave the way for bringing EmberObject closer to native, decorators, getters/setters
  6. glimmer.js - JavaScript component library • JavaScript / Template file

    separation • Ahead of time template compiling • TypeScript implementation • Web Component shim • Extracted from Ember.js • Progression path to full Ember.js application