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Domain driven design in the real world

Domain driven design in the real world

We dreamed about using Domain driven design, but were stuck in the complex legacy monolith of a case management system.

While all examples and tutorials we found were for trivial domains, we had a lot of domain logic as well as years of inherited corner cases and brain overloads camouflaged as code. That obviously didn't stop us from giving DDD a try.

We have tried DDD in a real world legacy monolith and survived. Now we're here to tell the tale.

In this talk, we share our own experiences from using DDD inside a monolith, as well as lack of DDD, and you will learn to avoid the mistakes we made and how to repeat our success factors.

How do you use DDD in your highly complex legacy project? How do you even get started? We'll help you!

See https://2019.boosterconf.no/talks/1216


Mads Opheim

March 14, 2019

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  1. Domain driven design in the real world Anne Landro @AnneLandro

    Mads Opheim @MadsOpheim Booster 2019
  2. A project named Lovisa 2

  3. What is domain-driven design (DDD)? 3

  4. If you need to translate between your code and your

    customer, you’re not doing DDD 4
  5. How did we get started? 5

  6. Make it safe 6

  7. Forkynning - you have been served 7

  8. Ubiquitous language 8

  9. One word can have several meanings 9

  10. Use your users’ language 10

  11. 11 The Deadline For Kunngjøring Is Four Weeks()

  12. 12 Properties For Namsmann Mainly Follow The Same Rules as

  13. 3 ways to fail at naming 13

  14. 14 Aktør (Actor) Mottaker av forkynning (Recipient of forkynning)

  15. Hastesak vs avgjørelse i midlertidig sikring tatt til følge uten

    rettsmøte 15
  16. Why didn’t we just use hastesak? 16

  17. Conscious modelling 17

  18. Don’t rewrite your entire system 18

  19. One good test can make bad code understandable 19

  20. 20 courtWillDoSeveralAttemptsToContactYou: writeALetterToSend() sendLetterByMail() waitTwoWeeksForAnswer() sendThePoliceToYourDoorToGiveYouTheLetterInPerson() assertThatYouHaveConfirmedToReceiveTheLetter()

  21. What about the technical domain? 21

  22. 22

  23. Different domains, different languages 23

  24. 24

  25. Different things are different 25

  26. None
  27. 27

  28. 28 More complex is better?

  29. None
  30. Mindsets to adopt 30

  31. Key takeaways • Use the users’ language • Model the

    reality • Event storming 31
  32. DDD worked on our legacy monolith - what’s your excuse?

  33. Thank you! @MadsOpheim mads.opheim@computas.com @AnneLandro anne.landro@computas.com 33